Kids and Responsibilities
February 6, 2012
Kids and Responsibilities

I was listening today while doing an errand and heard two calls about shack-ups and kids.

Next Monday, my husband and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. During that time, there have been things one or the other of us has wanted to do, but the responsible thing was to wait. The top item on my "Bucket list" is to ride in a B-17. I have wanted to do that as long as I can remember, but by the time I could afford to, we had 3 kids. Now that our two sons are in the Navy and our daughter is almost done with college, I can think about doing it.

I have never believed or felt I was being deprived of doing something because of our kids. Our kids have always come first. We have always put their needs ahead of ours. If their needs were met, it met our needs. We are blessed with three beautiful adult children who are polite, honest and respectable. Of course, it was a lot of work, but we treasure all three of them.

Last Friday, our #2 son graduated from Navy Nuke "A" School. He left a voice message on his Dad's phone that was beautiful - he ended it with "I love you and Mom so much."

Was all the "sacrifice" worth it? You bet!! Keep up the good work.


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