August 4, 2011
Talking About the Future Can Change a Relationship

Hi Dr. Laura!

I have been listening to you for quite some time, and some things you have said have completely changed my way of thinking...

I was in day care when I was younger, and so I thought when I have children, I will just put them in day care so me and my husband (whoever it is that I end up marrying) can go to work during the day. But you have shown me that SAHM's have the hardest job of anyone, and it's so important for a child to have a parent be with them during the day. After listening to your opinions on this, I decided that when I have children, I will be a stay at home mom when I have children, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I was starting to become serious with someone, and when the topic of the future and children was brought up, I told him how I would be a stay at home mom until my children were old enough to be enrolled in school. He did not agree, and basically refused to have his future wife staying at home rather than working.

Long story short, we are no longer seeing each other, which is perfectly fine with me because I refuse to NOT be a SAHM!! And I'm glad it ended now before it was too late...just goes to show how important it is to be honest in a relationship up front about your point of views and how you want your future to be.

Thanks Dr. Laura your advise really is life-changing


Posted by Staff at 12:00 AM