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Woman Power
Our 25th Wedding Anniversary We got married in 1989 at a very ripe age of 24 and 23. The beginning went well, as it usually does, but we almost did not make it to our 10th anniversary. More >>

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Ceased Being a Feminist I have a story I would like to share with you about a discussion my husband and I were just having. Well, his 15 year high school reunion is coming up and we now live in a different state. More >>

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The Power of a Female All I could do was laugh and think of your book, "Woman Power". My son has a Weimaraner (a female named Bella) who visits his tenant's Basset (a male named Jake)... More >>

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IconI hear from (and about) a lot of women who say they're not interested in sex, and they are married to men who vowed fidelity, and so those men are now literally out in the cold.Many women can be quite cruel about their behavior:' telling their husbands to "just deal with it" or challenge them into getting a "girlfriend."' These same women may throw a fit if their husband pleasures himself while watching Internet pornography consisting of a man and a woman engaged in passionate sex.Sheesh!' They can't have it both ways, unless women expect their men to bust their buns taking care of children and a wife without the normal, expected "reward" of love and passion.Some women have medical issues which cut down on their feeling sexy, but not many medical issues truly inhibit women from pleasing their husbands, and then discovering themselves getting "turned on" in the process.Most of the time, too many wives just get lazy and self-centered about taking care of their romantic and sexual lives because of kids' schedules, friends and relatives, and "busy busy" stuff that just consumes every ounce of their energy.' Let's be honest - that's an excuse and not a real reason.' You can pace yourself and make choices.' Many women don't bother, and feel that the sexual needs of their husbands are burdens to them and not a compliment or offer of ecstasy.Interestingly, many of these women are the ones who call me, complaining that their husbands don't do much for them on Valentine's Day, or birthdays and anniversaries.' Are you kidding?' What is he to celebrate?' Marriage and family have turned him into an asexual monk!Women's sexuality requires "priming," while guys are just about always "ready to roll."' A lot of that priming has to happen in her head:' thinking affectionately about sensual things, bathing, primping and flirting - the kinds of things wives tend to leave at the altar or in the birthing room.I have come to feel sorry for husbands in general in America today.' The feminist mentality that has labeled any male needs as "oppression" has certainly poisoned a lot of minds out there.If you think you're one of those, or if you need your attitude jump-started, read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands .' It's helped a lot of women get happier. More >>

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