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Jul 30, 2021 - Hour 1
Best Of / Denise's sister and good friend no longer associate with her.
Jul 30, 2021 - Hour 2
Best Of / Grace keeps referring to her current hubby by her dead husband's name.
Jul 30, 2021 - Hour 3
Best Of / Robert's son is not complying with his father's dating rules.
Jul 29, 2021 - Hour 1
Dr. Laura discusses therapy and the importance of mental health / Rebecca contends with her husband's ultimatum about their blended family.
Jul 29, 2021 - Hour 2
Tanya can't stand her husband's silent treatment.
Jul 29, 2021 - Hour 3
Paula debates getting back together with her separated husband.
Jul 28, 2021 - Hour 1
Dr. Laura discusses compassion / Ashley wonders if she should be worried that her boyfriend is still a virgin.
Jul 28, 2021 - Hour 2
Kenny struggles to accept his wife's decision to have gastric bypass surgery.
Jul 28, 2021 - Hour 3
Amanda doesn't know how to handle her toddler's frustration when told "no."
Jul 27, 2021 - Hour 1
Lauren's husband is oblivious to his own angry outbursts.