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1.   What time is Dr. Laura on-air?
2.   Can I listen to the show live online?
3.   How do I call Dr. Laura with my dilemma?
4.   I have a comment for Dr. Laura, not a dilemma.
5.   I don't want to call into the program. Is there another way to submit my dilemma?
6.   Is the Dr. Laura program for Family Premium members only?
7.   I signed up for a yearly membership. Where is my free gift?
8.   Are there transcripts available of Dr. Laura's daily program?
9.   What is podcasting?
10.   What is the advantage of podcasting?
11.   Do I need an iPod or MP3 player to use podcasts?
12.   How do I subscribe to a podcast?
13.   How do I subscribe to the full show podcast in iTunes / Apple Podcasts?
14.   How do I subscribe to the full show podcast on my phone?
15.   Why isn't the podcast updating properly?
16.   What if I need additional help podcasting?
17.   Why can't I log into my account?
18.   How can I update my credit card for my membership?
19.   How do I cancel my membership?
20.   How can I upgrade my monthly membership to an annual membership?
21.   Why don't I get the newsletter?
22.   The first attempts to place my order did not go through, but I see the charges on my account.
Why am I being billed for the orders that did not go through?
23.   I have been billed for a membership, but I do not have Family Premium access when I log into my account. Why don't I have Family Premium access?
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