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Technical Issues
A/V Issues (Downloads, Podcasts, Streaming)

To download an MP3 file on your computer, right mouse click on the link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." On a Mac, two finger press to "Save Link As" or "Download Linked File As."

If you are still having problems with downloading MP3 files, contact Customer Service with a detailed description of your problem so that we may further assist you.

Podcasting is a method of delivering multimedia content to iPods and similar devices. Podcasts allow users to automatically receive new content as it is published. Subscribing to a podcast allows you to listen on your iPod or MP3 player any time or place that it's convenient for you.

Family Premium Members of are each assigned a unique podcast URL. The URLs can be found here:

You will need to download and install podcast subscription software of your choice on your computer, and then copy and paste the URL(s) for the podcasts that you wish to subscribe to into the software.

We recommend Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Downcast, Podcast Addict, or iTunes. Learn more about how to add the full show podcast to Apple Podcasts.

If you find that your podcast is not updating successfully, please try logging out of your account and logging back into your account on

If you find that you are only getting the 10 minute sample podcast, please check your membership status to confirm that you are registered as a Family Premium Member. You may also try unsubscribing from the podcast and following the steps above to subscribe again.

You do not need an iPod or iTunes to use podcasts. All of our podcast files are encoded as MP3 files, the most universal audio format for listening on various devices. You can listen to each podcast file using almost any computer audio application, including iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, WinAmp, etc. You can even burn MP3 files to a CD so you can listen to them in your car or at home on your stereo. You can also transfer these files to any portable media device like the iPod or other MP3 players.