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Corporate sponsor, Annie's Kit Clubs, has given a generous donation to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Thank you!

Annie's Kit Clubs is on a mission to make crafting more accessible and easier than ever before. With 20+ subscriptions for a wide span of ages, interests and abilities, Annie's Kit Clubs deliver creativity right to your mailbox. Receive all the special supplies and expert instructions to make something new every month. Whether you want to try new crafting techniques, crochet or knit an entire afghan, or build your fabric stash with quality collections, Annie's Kit Clubs deliver a steady supply of inspiration month-by-month.

Annie's is a family-owned company and a leading publisher in the craft industry. With nearly 100 years of crafting experience and over 20 years in the subscription business, Annie's has perfected the art of craft kits, from expert instructions to inspiring supplies you won't find anywhere else. To learn more go to: AnniesKitClubs.com/DRLAURA

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Annie's Kit Clubs
EZScreenPrint is owned and operated by mother/daughter team Lana & Sloane. It began 20 years ago when Lana was involved in developing a user-friendly version of traditional screen printing. She started her business EZScreenPrint in 2004 selling DIY screen printing kits and supplies. At the time, she was doing everything on her own. We have been successfully managing the business together for the past 12 years and now have wonderful women on the team with us. We offer a range of easy screen print products for use on glass, ceramic, fabric, wood, polymer clay, chalkboards, metal and more!

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Art Clay World USA
In 2002, Art Clay World USA opened its doors in Oak Lawn, Illinois, which is just southwest of Chicago. On June 21, 2003 Art Clay World opened its new 9,500 square foot facility to the public. As of November 16, 2009, there are over 1600 certified instructors in the United States, and we continue to grow!

Art Clay Silver is pure silver powder combined with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or gas stovetop fired, the binders burn away, leaving pure, 99.9% silver. Art Clay Silver can be added to a variety of media: glass, ceramics, porcelain and polymer clay to name a few. Once fired, it is pure silver and can be treated like any other pure silver.

ArtClayWorld.com - Jackie Truty
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Art Clay World USA
About Skutt Kilns & Potter's Wheels: In 1953 father/son team, Ralph and Neil Skutt, manufactured the industry's first multi-sided hobby kiln under the name "Skutt & Sons". The introduction of this new lightweight design revolutionized, not just the ceramic kiln business but the whole ceramic industry by bringing ceramics to the home. Throughout the years Skutt has worked hard to meet the changing needs of their customers, but one thing that has remained constant is their fierce dedication to manufacturing quality products and providing outstanding customer service.

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Skutt Kilns and Potter Wheels