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Program FAQs
1. What is the purpose of Dr. Laura's program?
Dr. Laura is available to help people with a wide range of personal, work, and family problems. She "preaches, teaches and nags" about morals, values, ethics, and personal responsibility.
2. I have a dilemma. How do I call Dr. Laura?
  • Call the program at 1-800 DR LAURA (1-800-375-2872) between the hours of 11:00AM - 2:00 PM Pacific Time (that's 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Central Time/2 p.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time).
  • Be sure to turn your radio OFF (not just down) when you call. You will be able to hear the program if you are put on hold.
  • Once your call gets answered by our screener, be prepared to state your question. The screener may ask you questions about your dilemma. Please be open and honest with our screeners so they can best help you. Tell the screener how you expect to be helped by Dr. Laura.
  • Write your question down, so you don't forget it if you are put on hold waiting for Dr. Laura to pick up.
  • When speaking with Dr. Laura:
    • You may briefly hear some static on the phone line. Immediately after that, you'll be on the air live with Dr. Laura. Once Dr. Laura welcomes you into the program, please start your call with your question.
    • Relax!
    • Stick with the original story you told the screener.
    • If Dr. Laura asks you a "Yes" or "No" question, don't respond with, "I don't know."
3. I have a comment for Dr. Laura, not a dilemma. Do I still call the radio program?
No. The on-air phone lines are only for people with dilemmas. For comments, please email Dr. Laura, or write to her at:

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
P.O. Box 8120
Van Nuys, CA 91409
4. I don't want to call into the program. Is there another way to submit my dilemma?
Dr. Laura gets thousands of requests for help, and it is impossible for her to respond to those requests personally outside of her radio program. Calling into the radio program is the best option for getting through to Dr. Laura.
5. I want to call into the program, but I don't want to use my real name. Can I use an alias?
Yes, you may use a fake name. Notify the screener that you'd like to use a different name. Once you are on air, make sure to answer to your alias when Dr. Laura addresses you.
6. Are there transcripts available of Dr. Laura's daily program?
There are no transcripts of the daily audio program You can, however, listen to the past audio programs by becoming a Dr. Laura Premium Family member. You can also listen to the call of the day HERE.
7. Can Dr. Laura recommend a local mental heath professional?
Due to the volume and widespread geographical diversity of requests for such information, Dr. Laura is unable to provide personal recommendations.
8. Can Dr. Laura provide private counseling outside of the radio program?
Unfortunately, Dr. Laura no longer offers private counseling sessions.
9. Dr. Laura mentioned a specific letter or article on the air. Where can I find it?
Letters and articles are posted to our website as quickly as possible. When new letters are available you can find them by clicking HERE.
10. Is Dr. Laura on social media?
YES! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
11. Where can I find Dr. Laura on the radio?
You can now find Dr. Laura on SiriusXM, Triumph, channel 111. If you do not have access to SiriusXM radio, you may also listen to and download previously aired shows through our Dr. Laura Premium membership This way you may choose the date you would like to hear. We hope this helps.
12. Does Dr. Laura have a podcast?
Yes, Dr. Laura has a pod cast.To download new episodes of the Dr. Laura program to your phone or computer automatically when they are released, subscribe to the podcast feed by clicking HERE. If you like, you can always listen to the free call of the day by clicking HERE.
13. I missed Dr. Laura's program today. How can I hear it?
By subscribing to Dr. Laura Premium Family, for less than 30 cents a day, you can listen to today's program and previous programs. You can also download the program manually or add it to your Apple Podcast.