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Member Testimonials
Dr. Laura I listened to your radio show for years! I used the lessons I learned from listening to your show and applied them to raising our children. I'm extremely thankful that you have always been there! I appreciate you more than you know. You have helped me become the parent I am today. I will continue to listen as every day is a new lesson with you!
By: Crystal B. (BUENA PARK, CA)
I preach, teach and nag! I am a proud Dr. Laura listener and loyal fan. I am glad I joined as a Family Premium Member. I am enjoying all the perks and free gift that was sent. I passed on the free book "Surviving a Shark Attack (On Land)" to my teenage daughter. She is growing up right before my eyes and I'm delighted to see she is becoming a wise young woman. I know your book will keep her in the right path! Thank you Dr. Laura for all that you do!
I am my husbands girlfriend. I am my kids mom. I say this daily to myself!! I love listening to the show and never miss downloading the podcast.
By: Kevin (POMONA, CA)
Dr. Laura I have been a single dad since my daughter was 13 months. I really appreciate your show and the callers sharing their stories. I just want to be the best dad I can be and all your advice is very helpful!
By: Janice (Pico Rivera, CA)
Dr. Laura, you have been such a great influence in my life...I listen to your podcast every single day and just love how you keep me sane and logical in this crazy world. Nowadays there are so many people lacking good morals, values and characters. I am glad to say because of you, I am my kids' fun loving mom, continue to work on being a good girlfriend to my sweet husband.
By: George (niceville, FL)
Thank you for your show and all the good you are doing. Thank you for speaking up for what and how men should be. I am proud to be part of your online community.
By: Nancy M. (Bell Gardens, CA)
Thank you Dr. Laura for all that you do! The Dr Laura Membership is a great addition to your program. I love reading the emails you share on your site and best of all I love that I can download your show on my computer everyday.
By: Melissa (Torrance, CA)
Dr Laura, I am so glad to have found you. I am 21 years old and was just changing my sirius xm radio when I heard your voice. I've been hooked ever since. I joined the club and now I can listen at work, in my car or when I work out on my iPod. This is great! Thank you for all that you do and for the free DVD.
By: Ralph (Dallas, TX)
My wife and I enjoy your program everyday! Our day is not complete until we hear Dr. Laura: "Now, go do the right, thing."
By: Sandra M. (Ontario, Ca)
I have been listening to Dr. Laura for years and decided to join her club when I heard about her new website. I just upgraded to a yearly premium member and can't wait to receive my free DVD. This membership is already worth every penny so the DVD is just a bonus!
By: Angele J. (Lebanon, OH)
Dr. Laura, You've been with me for almost a decade now, every evening at the gym. You help me get through my boring workout routine. Thanks you for all that you do.
By: Heather L. (Dallas, TX)
My daughters and I listen to you everyday. You are the source of many quotes and debates. We might not always agree with you, but we always love listening to you and appreciate your wisdom.
By: Stephanie Y. (Newport Beach, CA)
Dr. Laura you have changed my life and have done wonders for our family. I appreciate all that you do. You have enriched our lives significantly.