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Email of the Day

...i get it now.
IconMy wife and I have been listening to your show for a couple of years now. Our 11 year old son gets to listen in on the tail end of your show as he gets picked up after school and often gets a head of what your take is going to be on the subject (We think he's going to turn out okay).

My wife read a couple of your books. ...I admit lots of changes for the better. I'm not a perfect guy by any means however, as of late I have realized that after 20 years of working in Manufacturing industry as a Director of Information Technology implementing Six Sigma models of continuous improvement and now un-employed (thanks to some wiz bang high roller bankers) I have now realized that Six Sigma is not only for the manufacturing industry but works just as well for the "Family" industry. Continuous improvement is something I believe we all have to work at. Our company is our family, our product is our kids, and our profits are our achievements of it all.

While sitting down for dinner at the table, I caught my wife telling our son: "...when you do that again, I'll just tell your father" As our son turned to me, I quickly scrambled for words to say, thinking of continuous improvement, I quickly replied to our son "Listen, around here I am the Judge, you screw up, you'll be in court having to answer to the judge who will then set your sentence... or let you go." My son found that amusing and replied back "so I will need an attorney?" I slowly smiled at him, as if he should know what was coming and looking at him straight in the eye I slowly said on to him "You have the best attorney in the world" our son looked at me with a perplexed look, I explained: "Your mother is your attorney and lucky for you she works on a contingency plan, that means it's free unless you loose, then she'll bill you for it"

Since we've adopted this model in our home, and I gotta say, not only is it fun, but it settles in our roles in the house and we have all improved yet another notch.

Like I tell our son, "I don't reward for doing what you're supposed to be doing, I reward for when you go out be-on the call of duty."  I will not thank you for doing what you're doing, but I thank you for coming up with your brilliant show that has helped so many people. (Please don't take offence)

My warmest regards,

The Judge
Tags: Family/Relationships - Children, Marriage, Parenting
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