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Letters From Listeners

2012 Make a Difference Day All-Star Finalist

Last May, Dr. Laura interviewed Delaney and Addie Kenney about their "Almost Sleepovers" a program they and five other friends started where kids in their pajamas get together to raise money and craft items for the less fortunate.  When Dr. Laura last spoke with them they had won the "Make A Difference Award" and now they are a 2012 Make a Difference Day All-Star Finalist competing against a nationwide college fraternity and an entire town in Oklahoma! 

Go to to see their story and vote for you favorite finalist!

And here's their less-than-5-minute video about their year-long journey from 7 girls and an idea in Guilford, CT in 2010 to 1,200 kids in 26 states helping more than 100 charities nationwide in 2011. It's a beautiful thing:

Tags: Charity, Doing the Right Thing, Values
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