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Email of the Day

A "Guide" for New Listeners

I know some listeners have made lists of your quotes before, but I just put together a list of the things that annoy you the most as a “guide” for all the new listeners you’ve picked up! Here goes…. 

10. Psychobabble. Dr. Laura doesn’t want to hear about your boundary issues or your toxic narcissistic relatives. Just describe the behavior! 

9. Shacking Up. This is especially annoying if you’ve implied that you’re married or if you referenced “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.” That book is not for you! 

8. Daycare. Don’t mention that word unless you’re ready to get your head ripped off. 

7. “I Feel Like….” She doesn’t care about your feelings. It’s actions and values that matter. 

6. Snowflakes. She will laugh out loud at the absurdity of your twenty-something child who still lives at home and is not acting how you wish they would. 

5. Saying you feel “guilty” when it’s clear you’ve been doing the right thing. 

4. Dropping a bombshell late in the call as you desperately try to get Dr. Laura on your side. 

3. Saying “I tried that already.” No you didn’t. You did not say those words in that tone. Not even close! 

2. Saying “Even though…” or “I just…” You are stubbornly resisting her sage advice! Stop thinking and listen. 

1. “I don’t know.” You don’t know why your husband left you or why your sister is mad at you? That’s just silly, and in a moment, you’ll hear a dial tone, because Dr. Laura has hung up on you! 


With love, 



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