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Letters From Listeners

A Kid's Take on Responsibility
Hi Dr. Laura,

My daughter, who is a stay-at-home mom, consistently teaches my 5-year-old grandson and my 3-year-old granddaughter that there are certain responsibilities that come with being a member of a family. 

One morning she was working in the kitchen when she told my granddaughter to take off her PJ's and get dressed. My granddaughter did so, and then came out into the kitchen carrying her dirty PJ's. My daughter told her to go put them in the dirty clothes hamper. 

My granddaughter's reply: "Mom, you need to go put them in the dirty clothes hamper. I'm giving you a job so you can be helpful." 

What could my daughter do (besides trying to hide her laughter), but perform her duty as a responsible helper in the family and put the PJ's in the dirty clothes hamper! 

Tags: Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Personal Responsiblity, Responsibility, Stay-At-Home-Moms, Values
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