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Letters From Listeners

A Lesson in Kindness

My 5-year-old grandson attends a Catholic school. His Mother came to pick him up and noticed a Dad was removing the pink polo type shirt his son had been dressed in that day. The little boy was crying.

My daughter in law asked, "Mike, why are you crying" and he responded the boys in the class had make fun of him for wearing the pink shirt. My daughter in law said, "I hope my son was not one of those boys." Mike told her indeed he had made fun of Mike. My daughter in law then verified with the teacher what had happened and made her plan to teach my grandson a leason.

My grandson had his own pink polo shirt at home and my daughter in law made him wear it to school the next day. He also had to apologize to Mike and given him a big hug. My grandson also received some teasing about his pink shirt at school. Hopefully he learned a leason about kindness and not hurting the feelings of others.


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