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Letters From Listeners

A Life is Such an Awesome Force

I read your blog "How to Act Around a Dying Loved One" and it reminded me of a poem I wrote before attending a funeral of a friend's father. 

Death Overtakes You 

Death overtakes you like a summer storm. 
Suddenly, It's upon you.
Darkness covers your world... 

Fear grips you. 
Consumes you. 
The lightning appears. 
It reveals things you did not see. 
Things you forgot. 

The thunder roars. 
You hear things you did not hear. 
Remembering...Rain quenches; Washing away your sorrow and pain. 
Carrying away your tears. Passing... The sun comes out again 

And everything is new, and sweet, and cool. 
Memories...A rainbow appears 
Nestled against the ominous backdrop of black thunderheads. 

You are taken by the impact of the moment. 
A life, Such an awesome force, 
And what it left behind....The promise of you. 

Maryanne Dunne

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Tags: Attitude, Character-Courage-Conscience, Relatives, Stress
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