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Email of the Day

A Man's Greatest Asset or Deficit

When I was 5-years-old, I had a great piece of advice given to me about marriage. I broke my leg learning to snow ski, so my parents carried me (and my cast) up to the Sunday School room about a half hour before church so I could settle in before all the other kids arrived. My pastor came in, sat down to pray for me, and then stared at me for about a minute and a half. He then said: "Darrin, a man's greatest asset or deficit is the woman he marries." He then gave me a hug, and went to greet more families.

At the time (being 5-years-old), I was not interested in girls, TRULY not looking at marriage, and did not know the meaning to the words deficit or asset.   On top of that, I was afraid to ask my mom about the second one as it sounded like a bad word.

I dated nine girls from high school to the end of college: some great, some just out of selfish desire, but I never got serious BECAUSE the pastor's words were always ringing in my ears.

My senior year in college, I felt called to be a Children's Ministries Pastor. Looking back, NONE of those women would have been able to put up with the hours, moves, salaries (or lack thereof).    But my wife has. She felt called to be a missionary in her teen years.

Choose with wisdom!!!


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