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Email of the Day

A Wonderful Love Letter from a Wise Mother
IconI just finished your book, Surviving A Shark Attack (On Land). It is so refreshing to hear someone speak without the usual psycho babble and making excuses for dysfunctional acting people. I grew up in a community where kindness and civility were valued and the meanies were either in the closet, or I was just oblivious. My struggles lately have been with a sabotaging coworker who you described in your book. Just wanted to say I admire your courage to not back down to critics and destructive gossips who are threatened by your morality and intelligence. It also gave me courage to grow up in my expectations and to not be tempted to roll in the mud with my troublemakers. I am searching for other opportunities. I realize the grass is not always greener, but I am exhausted and I feel empowered to take steps to be happier in the future, but praying and keeping one eye open at the same time!! Please continue with all the healing you give and good common sense we should all follow!! Your book was like a wonderful love letter from a wise mother. You are my hero! L.
Tags: Feminism, Social Issues
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