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Letters From Listeners

Accept Your Mother, How She Is

I wanted to thank you for what you told another new mother, over 20 years ago. I have remembered this and have repeated it to many women, since it helped me so much.

A young mother called in to say how disappointed in her mom she was, because she wasn't the grandmother that she thought her child would have. Neither she, nor her child, were neglected but the grandmother was disinterested in them. You told the young mother to picture herself sitting at the kitchen table. There is an apple on the table. It is perfectly fine apple, but you want an orange. You can wish, cry, or beg, but it will always be just an apple.

Accept your mother how she is. She has always been like that and always will be. I have applied that way of thinking too many aspects of my life; especially with my own mother. It has helped to keep me grounded.


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