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Letters From Listeners

Adopting a Family

I first learned I would be a father via a phone call. Not that unusual, I know, but there's a twist: this was a call from a county worker. She left both me and my wife a voicemail saying, "Hey it's [me] - give me a call." We were in the adoption process and had completed our training. The casual nature of the message made us both think that maybe we'd forgotten to sign a form or something. Not quite.

Once we called her back we learned that there was a sibling group of 3, (which fit our stated parameters), ages 8 months to 4 years. They needed a "priority placement" or they would be adopted separately. After much talk and prayer we knew our home was where they belonged.

After a short but still gradual transition, they moved in and spent their first night together under our roof.

They are now 6, 7, and 10-years-old.  All are excelling in school, (as in literally off the charts), and My Lovely Daughter (MLD) is a BLACK BELT at 10! The boys are doing well and will be black belts at about the same time. I'm teaching MLD to shoot and each has a mini-compound bow.

I always imagined having a family and this one is better than any I could have dreamed up.


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