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Email of the Day

After the Wedding...

Dear Dr. Laura,

Thank you so much for helping me to start off my marriage right! I'm 30 yrs old and I just married the man of my dreams 2 weeks ago. Today when I was telling my coworker about the big wedding day, she commented how sad she and her new husband were when all the excitement died down after their wedding and they had to go back to their normal lives. She asked how I was handling that.

I began to tell her how exciting married life was for us because we chose to not live together before we got married. (They had lived together for a few years before marriage.) We got to explore each other and learn all about one another's habits.

It was fun to organize our kitchen together and plan how we were going to set up the guest bedroom. It was fun doing my husband's laundry for the first time and having him show me how he likes his clothes folded. (He's the neat one.) It was fun making dinner together and toasting each other as husband and wife. Most importantly, it was fun snuggling together after a long day and drifting peacefully off to sleep.

All of these special moments would not have happened had we decided to live together first.

I'm so excited about all the things coming up and not sad at all about the wedding day being over. We can look forward to the many years ahead.

Thank you so much for helping us to stand up to the pressure our friends and society puts on us to shack up.

By the way, we own most of your books and have planned on all of our kids reading the "Ten Stupid Things Women/Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives" before we will even think about allowing group dates (after 16 of course).

We are so grateful for you!



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