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Letters From Listeners

Alcoholism is NOT a disease


Dr. Laura,

I appreciate your reminding the audience that alcoholism is NOT a disease. I am 25 years sober at 51 years old . The "disease" concept does nothing but keep alcoholics in "victim" mode for years . As you may know it was clever little loop hole of some sort re: the AMA that deemed alcoholism a disease for medical insurance purposes. And while I do not attend AA anymore, the BIG BOOK of AA, their bible, does NOT say ANYWHERE that alcoholism is a disease . The Big Book refers to alcoholism as an "illness".

I have chosen not to drink for the past 25 years and yes "G-d helps those who help themselves". I would have been in the ground or behind bars by now. Jails, hospitals and institutions are all part of my story and despite all that I do not consider myself to have an uncontrollable disease. My beautiful life today as a wife and full-time mom (aka stay-at-home mom) are proof.

Thank you for your insight . It is very much appreciated by me.


Tags: Addiction, Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Health, Personal Responsibility
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