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Email of the Day

All the Necessities Money Can't Buy

Dear Dr. Laura, 

Thank you for being the voice for stay-at-home moms. When my children were little you reassured me my status as a full-time mom was not due to laziness, privilege or lack of ability to get a "paying" job. We struggled and budgeted to get by during those years on one income and we raised six children! 

Instead of first-run shows, we went to the dollar matinee. We didn't take a vacation every summer, but we loved to lay outside at night on pillows and blankets looking at the stars, talking about "whatever" and finding constellations. 

One year, our almost 17-year-old son was killed suddenly in a car accident. Of course I was stricken with grief and pain. I kept hearing about the guilt parents feel at the loss of a child for not showing more love, spending more time etc. I never experienced that guilt. One thing I knew without a doubt was my boy knew how much I loved him. Our memories were filled with tender times and crazy fun. All the necessities money can't buy. 

Keep your voice loud and clear, Dr. Laura. Your words are wise and if heeded, will spare many a listener untold heartache. 

Thanks for letting me share. 


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