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An Adopted Child is a Chosen Child
IconLast week a woman called who had adopted two boys. One was having major problems and you suggested a place she needed to send him to because he had been in a bad home situation for a longer period of time and was having a difficult time adjusting.  The younger boy began telling her "you're not my mom". She answered that she hadn't given birth to him, but she loved him. I came across this card awhile back and it rang a bell: "CHOSEN CHILD" "I had to tell you, Dearest Heart, that you are not my own, for fear some meddler would impart that knowledge which is known - that I adopted you to start a home for us alone. I tried to make it plain to you. I hope you understood my friends all had one child or two, their lives seemed full and good and there was nothing else to do but find you. You see, God did not grant my prayer and let me bear a child and so I sought you everywhere until the day you smiled and snuggled as I stroked your hair, and you became my child. No natural mother has a voice in choosing what she gets - a boy, a girl, - she has no choice of blondes or deep brunettes. Therefore, my chosen child, rejoice, and have no vain regrets remember, that first day you smiled I claimed you for my own. I hope that you are reconciled to have the secret known that you are Mother's chosen child, my child, and mine alone". Dr. Laura, I have had adopted children within my family group and they were told "we CHOSE you - we PICKED you. Out of all the children in the world, you were the special child we chose to love and raise as our own flesh." I have only one son by blood, but I have two daughters by love. I have one granddaughter by blood but two granddaughters by love and more recently, I have one great-granddaughter and one great-grandson by love. They mean as much to me as if they had my DNA and blood coursing through their veins. I chose their father, grandfather and great-grandfather and in turn, have been blessed to have his family become mine. I enjoy listening to your show on XM Radio and catch it as often as possible - sometimes taking the long way home or sitting in the garage to hear the end of a call. Thank you for not pulling punches on some of your callers who need to "s___ or get off the pot". Sincerely, C
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