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Letters From Listeners

Apologies Help To Heal

The best apology I ever received was from my Dad. I grew up in a house with my brother, Dad and Mother. Then when I was 13 or 14 they took in children from a relative and that is when life became even worse than it already was. We were already poor and my mother was abusive. 

Taking on more children was just unthinkable. Through the years the adopted children were treated better always, had the things that they needed and more. I felt left out and unwanted by my own parents. I grew up thinking that I was unloved and a mistake.

I am now 33 and a couple of years ago I received a call out of the blue from my Dad. He explained how sorry he was for the years that he was for not there for me and when he paid more attention to the other children. He said he was wrong to do that and he lost time with me that he could never get back. This great apology released so much pain and resentment that I had held inside. It was a relief to know that he felt remorse for the years of pain he had caused.

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Tags: Men's Point of View, Parenting, Relatives, Stress
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