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Email of the Day

Appreciating The Man You Married

Dr. Laura:

I'm a long-time listener, married to my husband for just over a year.  During our first year of marriage, I experienced some health issues.  I was bounced around to different doctors and specialists and put on various medications.  To say it was a less than ideal first year is an understatement.  Through the whole thing, my husband was amazing, and I realized what a special man I married.

During these tough times, I continued to cook his meals and share my appreciation for his love and support.  However, our physical love took a back burner because of the medications and the emotional roller coaster, so things were not as they should be after one year. 

Then I heard your special hour with wives sharing how they stay their husbands' girlfriends and I was inspired.  Although I listened to you often, I forgot to appreciate the man I married!  Over that weekend, I thought before I reacted, I smiled, laughed, touched, snuggled, loved and "loved on" my husband.  It didn't even take the entire weekend before I realized we were both happier.  He was more affectionate and loving, and I was reminded what an incredible man I married.  Thanks so much for spreading the marital success and reminding us newlyweds of the importance of small things!


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