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Email of the Day

At The Crossroads

I married my wife after only a year of dating.  Over the six years of our marriage, I realized she was very self-centered, and I felt very alone.  I thought I'd be miserable until our son was up and out of the house.  My wife knew I listened to you, but she didn't like how you talked to people.  I thought she said that because you spoke the truth that she didn't want to hear.  

After several discussions about our marriage, she bought "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," but didn't read it until we hit a crossroads that scared her.  Last week, I was away on business, and when I got home, she met me at the door with a passionate kiss and hug.  She told me she loved me and missed me.  After dinner, she said she was sorry for the way she had been treating me.  She couldn't believe I had stayed with her these six years, and said she appreciated all I had done for her and our family and she didn't deserve me.  She thanked me for allowing her to stay home with our kids and said she had a breakthrough after reading your book.  It's only been three days, but I can honestly say I don't recognize her (and that's a good thing!).  She is caring, loving, and sweet.  She kisses me, touches me on the arm, under the table with her feet and she can't get close enough to me at night.  You are so right, Dr. Laura.  We men are simple creatures and will move mountains for our wives if they simply do the few necessary things in life that we crave.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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