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Letters From Listeners

Bad Childhood, Great Life

Hi Dr. Laura,

I read your book "Bad Childhood Good Life", and wanted to tell you how much it has helped me.

I am a product of an affair my mother had on her first husband. I have 12 half brothers and sisters, but only grew up knowing 3 of them (the three from her first marriage). My mother divorced and remarried my step father when I was 4. She shipped my 2 sisters and brother away to live with their bio dad and sent me away to boarding school for a couple years so they could travel. My step father was very verbally abusive and eventually sexually abusive. My mother, never having a job, did nothing to protect me and allowed it to continue for her own financial reasons, I guess.

I moved out at 17 and had some very bad relationships before meeting my now husband of 17 years. I am very blessed to have been given a wonderful, honest man who has given us 3 beautiful children.

My step father has had many affairs on my mother and recently had another (he is 77 years old). She continues to do nothing about it. I have recently cut him out of my life and my mother can't understand why I won't allow my kids, daughters 10, 12 and son 14, to be around him. She goes behind my back and tells them he loves them and would never do anything to hurt them. She didn't protect her own child from him why would my kids be any different? When I remind her of the things he did to me she tells me I'm lying and doesn't remember. She believes he was a good addition to the family. My siblings say I need to move on to keep peace in the family.

After reading your book I know now I do not have to be around toxic people and my # 1 priority is my husband and kids. I have stopped the cycle of abuse and will no longer accept abusive behavior from my "family". I am much happier surrounding myself with loving, healthy people/relationships. I can't thank you enough Dr. Laura for your advice and helping me and others stick to our morals. Keep up the great work!


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