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Email of the Day

Be Your Husband's Woman and He'll Be Your Man
IconDear Dr Laura, I have listened to you for over a year now and am slowly changing the feminista attitudes my mother instilled in me. I used to think it was my husband's job to be sweet and sexy, and if he didn't do everything I wanted when I wanted, I would become whiney and bitchy, no doubt prompting him to think "Why the hell did I marry her!" Finally I realized it's not about what I want but about what he needs, and if I give him a women he'll be my man! So, a couple of nights ago I decided it was time to implement "Operation make my husband glad he's married to me!" I made him his favorite meal of homemade BBQ chicken pizza with a fresh green salad, then jumped into the shower, applied make up, styled my hair, and sprayed Coco Channel in all the right places! I put on a very short, hot pink silk nighty and matching thong (I work out a lot, so it looked good!) I then sprawled myself on the bed with soft music playing in the background and waited! When I heard my husband enter the house I called him through to the bedroom, as he peeked around the door a huge smile spread across his face and he said "You look nice!" he then muttered something about be starving after spotting the pizza in the kitchen. I said "Well tonight we are having dessert first!" He didn't argue, and I proceeded to undress him and give him a relaxing back rub before we had some intimate fun together. About half way through I said "So what would you rather have right now, pizza....or me?" He said ME!!!!! We ate our lovely meal shortly after and snuggled on the couch together, what a night! The next morning I wandered into the kitchen to find my hubby silently emptying the overflowing re-cycling bin and take it into the garage. Normally I have to nag him for at least 10 minutes to get that job done... but not this morning! You are right Dr Laura, we do have the POWER, give your man a women and he will (without question) be your man!!!! Warm wishes N.
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