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Email of the Day

Becoming My Husband's Girlfriend

Fifteen years ago, you saved my marriage.  I was a mother of five, and my husband was a busy lawyer for a big company.  He worked twelve hour days and always needed to be available.  I worked part-time as a Registered Nurse, working late shifts and weekends.  I was crabby, exhausted and not nice to my husband.  I thought our marriage might end.  Then I found your book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," and promptly quit my job.

I became my husband's girlfriend.  I took over all the house chores except taking out the garbage and snow shoveling.  Almost immediately, things started to change for the better.  We took walks, found time to date each other, and really enjoyed being together.  Our sex life really improved.  With me home, my husband's career soared even more.  He still worked long days but made time to coach our boys or attend a recital.  Sometimes I'd get sad that I had a degree yet wasn't working.  I didn't always think cooking and cleaning, being a "room mom" at school or sitting in the stands at sports events was that important.  

Now our kids are grown, and things are a lot easier.  My husband turned 56, however, and he's now considered old at his company, and they decided he should retire.  The company that needed him seven days a week, twelve hours a day has decided they can pay younger lawyers less to do his job.  So, I want to thank you for that miracle book and for the last 15 years.  You helped me understand what was important, and we didn't lose our marriage or miss out on our kids growing up.  Please continue to help people understand that their job doesn't need them, but their kids really do.


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