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Email of the Day

Being A Better Man

Dear Dr. Laura:

I've been a listener for years.  For a guy like me - a traveling salesman - you're a godsend!  Your common sense has made me want to be a better man.  I've learned why I fall, then learned how to pick myself up.

I've been a practicing Dr. Laura-type husband before I ever listened to you, but you taught me how to be even better.  I give one hundred percent to my bride of 22 years, and she does the same.  The "D" word (divorce) has never come up, because it's not an option.  Everything can be talked out.  You've helped me hone that.  I tell my wife how beautiful she is, and I still lust after her.  She is 62 and looks 42.  She takes care of herself as do I.  I want her to only want ME, and she does.

Both our first marriages ended because of infidelity on our spouses' part.  When you go through that, you never want to feel that pain again or cause it for someone else.  There's so much comfort in knowing that I've got a partner for life. 

Dr. Laura, you're not much older than me, but since my Mom passed away recently, I hereby adopt you, if you'll have me.  Keep on making the world a better place!


Remember that you can either read "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," or you can take my video course based on the book.  To find out more about the course, go to marriage one oh one dot com.
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