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Email of the Day

Being A True Friend

A friend of mine was asked to make 100 cupcakes for a wedding rehearsal dinner.  She accepted but soon realized she was in over her head.  She called me a month in advance to ask for my help, as I do specialty order cakes and cupcakes, so it wouldn't be a challenge for me.  So, I agreed.  The night before I was supposed to help her, she had a family emergency and asked if we could reschedule our cupcake decorating.  I was grumpy, because I had specifically planned my day around this event, and really didn't want to do it on the new time schedule.  

I told her I'd call her back, hoping I could buy a few minutes to think up a good excuse.  I happened to be on my computer and had your website up when an article on being a true friend caught my attention.  That's when I had a "what am I thinking?" moment.  My friend had asked me well in advance for help, and I'd agreed.  She had an unavoidable emergency and I did not.  I was ashamed of my self-centeredness and realized what a crank I was being just because I was tired.  

I called my friend and asked her to just bake the cupcakes.  I went over her house the next night (full of caffeine) and we knocked out all the decorations while having a great time doing so.  Thank you for helping me realize what being a true friend entails.


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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Friendships, Values
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