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Letters From Listeners

Being Blessed

Dr. Laura,

We are richly blessed by two amazing daughters, one 7 1/2, the second almost 4 1/2. Both pregnancies were prayed for and planned, and while both happened within a reasonable time once we were 'trying', the first was truly a fast answer to prayer.

We rarely had (have) time to be intimate, and we're both on different clocks...I'm keen in the morning, and my dearly beloved is interested late at night, so we usually don't find that our 'stars align' in the bedroom. In April of 2004, they did, however, on a Sunday afternoon after the Vancouver Sun Run.

I found out I was pregnant when, at the end of April, I had the privilege of being principal hornist for our high school's spring musical (I was an English and Band teacher on staff) and I actually fell asleep in the orchestra pit during the Sunday matinee performance. I had been finding it extremely difficult to stay awake at school but had attributed that to my workload. When we went for dinner between the matinee and night-time show, the drama teacher joked that I must be pregnant if I could fall asleep in the 'pit'. That night, after the show, I took a pregnancy test and, sure enough, our first blessing was on her way.


An avid reader, Brenda

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