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Email of the Day

Being the BEST Woman I Can Be for My Man

My husband and I have been married for ten years.  I knew he had a mild form of epilepsy when we got married, so I knew going in that it would be a different life if he had a seizure and couldn't drive for weeks or months.  I was willing to marry him anyway, and I'm glad I did.

However, three years into our marriage, he had a new kind of seizure that hospitalized him, and he had to undergo emergency brain surgery.  Since then, he's dealt with a more drastic form of epilepsy which has even caused fractured vertebrae.  He has never felt sorry for himself and never given into the depression that sometimes comes from the chemical imbalances in his brain.  It bothers him that sometimes he can't work like a "normal" man and that I, for the most part, have to be the breadwinner to carry our very important medical insurance, but he's a MAN in every sense of the word.  While we would love to have children, we realize that children aren't for us.  It wouldn't be fair to a child to come into our lives when we couldn't guarantee an at-home parent.  We do, however, have two "DOG-ters."

We are friends, lovers, and most importantly, the single most significant person in each other's lives.  Even with the form of epilepsy he now has, I would choose to marry him again.  Through every medical emergency I've faced with him, I'd never trade my marriage to him for any other stud on earth.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for your advice and for helping me be the best WOMAN I can be for my MAN.



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Tags: Attitude, Character-Courage-Conscience, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Health, Marriage, Personal Responsibility, Stress, Values
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