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Email of the Day

Bipolar is a Disability?

Dear Dr. Laura,

I was moved to write you after reading your email of the day concerning diagnosing kids with bipolar disorder. I am sickened by the drugging that is going on in my own small town. I have two small family members who are so drugged out their little minds are never going to be the same, all because their mother gets a check from the state for their "disability". I know at least 10 families or more in our tiny town who have children on "corrective behavioral drugs" because their parents GET A CHECK from the state for their "disability."

I was standing in my backyard with two children from our neighborhood who had come over to play with my children. The 8 year old, who was holding her 3 year old little sister, said to me, "You know, I'm bipolar, but I don't show it to people. My mom says it makes people think I'm mean... (she then went on to say).. and my sissy is bipolar, but she doesn't show it to people cause mommy says people will think she is mean." Her "MOTHER," I use that term loosely, tells them they are bipolar. Why? Say it with me now, all together, BECAUSE SHE GETS A CHECK FROM THE STATE for their "DISABILITIES! It's disgusting. I went inside and cried. Then, I bear hugged my two kids, who are the brightest, most brilliant, beautiful girls on the planet (and I tell them that every day)... and I told them how much I loved them. And, guess what, if the state calls and offers me money, even a million dollars to say my kids are "disabled" well, I guess I will stay broke.

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