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Email of the Day

Blunt Conversations

Dr Laura:

I've learned a lot from your show, but one of the things I've found most useful from listening to you is not to be afraid to ask blunt, point-blank questions.

I realize this is a trait of yours that you're often criticized for.  But having been a regular listener for many years, I now recognize that you do it A) to get to the point... B) to keep the caller from dodging or obfuscating... and C) to move the show along, since after all - it IS a live radio show and listeners don't have all day.

I recently attended a funeral for a family member. While at the wake afterwards, I recognized a friend of the family who I had met before. I had heard through family members that he had been battling prostate cancer. He was seated by himself and it appeared to me that most folks who knew him were avoiding him. I always liked this gentleman, so I made it a point to sit by him.

After a few moments of pleasantries, I said "I've heard you've been battling your own health issues recently - if you don't mind me asking, how are you doing today?"

He seemed genuinely pleased and relieved that I had asked. He told me he was still in treatment, was doing better and appreciated me asking. I asked about the technical medical details and we ended up having a long conversation that was not only informative but educational.

On the way home, my wife was shocked that I had asked him about his health. But when I explained I was only asking out of concern (and not nosiness) AND that I allowed him the option to not answer the question, she admitted it was good that I had spoken to him.

So thank you for your years of on-air "bluntness mentoring." This is a life skill that will serve me well.



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