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Email of the Day

Boys School Made All The Difference

When my son was 14, he was unhappy, doing poorly academically and showing signs of depression.  My husband and I decided he should apply to private schools in our area, and he welcomed the idea.  He was accepted to an expensive boys' school, and we drained our emergency fund to pay his tuition.  In the years to come, my husband and I both worked over 50 hours a week to pay tuition and save for his college.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

Our son finished high school and graduated from college, and is now living on his own and excelling at his new professional position.  The boys' school knew how to educate boys, making participation in sports mandatory, as well as requiring school jobs and community service.  Many of the teachers had the boys take breaks during class by running around the quad and even having snowball fights.  Our son felt understood and cared about by his teachers and all worked diligently to help him succeed.  The fact that the curriculum catered to the interests and concerns of young men helped them immensely.  We believe this school saved our son's life and defined his future.  Thank you for often advocating for same sex education. 

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Personal Responsibility, Social Issues, Values
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