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Email of the Day

Breaking Bad Habits For My Marriage

I want to thank you for nagging, because it saved my marriage.  

My first husband passed away after 22 wonderful years of marriage.  I remarried more than ten years ago, but things became difficult seven years into the marriage.  Basically, I became very critical of my husband after he told me he was no longer attracted to me, and we were no longer intimate.  As you are aware, this can be a vicious circle.  

He lost his attraction because I had gained weight, and I gained MORE weight because I didn't care any longer.  Because I didn't care, I became critical of his every move.  In plain English, I was a bitch.  I'm not sure how or why we stayed together, but I'm glad we did.  

After I found you on SiriusXM, I started to lose weight.  I'm now down 30 pounds and have about 15 to go.  I also started being nice to him again, no matter what his response.  I complimented every little thing I could find.  Although it took some time, a few months ago, we started to really talk again, and soon he was the man I fell in love with years ago.  He now tells me how much he loves me, and we are like newlyweds again.  Thank you for helping me see how to get my husband back again.  I also wanted you to know that your impact is far wider than just the people you talk with on the air.


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