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Letters From Listeners

Bring Your Mom To School Day

When my son was in high school his grades were not great. He is almost genius level, so it wasn't that the work was too hard. His rebellion was his grades. He thought he was the smartest person in the room, teacher included.

When he brought home a D and was attending a private school. I told him "I am going to your school and sit with you until the grades come up." The next day he said the teacher would accept an extra credit to bring it up, which he has already done and the teacher revised his grade, which he showed me.

I said that unless he brought home at least all B's, next quarter, that my promise of going to school with him still stood. The grades issue evaporated. He is now a successful developer with a very successful company in Seattle. Stay safe and thanks for your good work.



Tags: Behavior, Education, Humor, Parenting, Response to a Comment, Values
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