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Email of the Day

Bringing Myself Back For My Husband

Dear Dr. Laura:

My husband and I have been married for six years and it's the second marriage for us both.  I have adult children and he has none.  We went through a few bad years -- my Mom passed away and my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  With all the stress, I gained more than forty pounds.  I wasn't happy with myself but kept making excuses.  Then I was listening to you and you were talking to a woman who admitted getting fat.   Your response hit me upside the head.  The gist of it was that her husband loved her but didn't love the fat.  She had gotten fat, and you encouraged her to do something about it, like starting a physical activity.

I thought of my poor husband at that moment.  He had married an attractive woman, and in just a few years, he no longer had what he married.  So, I started walking two miles a day, and I started eating healthy.  I'm now down 45 pounds.

Several weeks ago, I got ready to go out for our sixth anniversary, and my husband told me how good I looked!  So, thank you for that reality check.  Just because he fell in love with me and married me doesn't give me the right to expect him to love me no matter what.  Our house is much happier these days!


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Tags: Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Eat Less-Move More, Personal Responsibility, Relationships, Women's Point of View
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