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Letters From Listeners

Building Character in Youth

My Dad was the hardest working man I know. He used to work 3 jobs so my mom could stay home and take care of my 3 siblings and send us to Catholic school. He is now retired.

When I was a seventeen, I worked 6 days a week through a health occupations program with my school. I went to school half day and worked the other half, plus Saturdays. One Friday night, I went out and drank alcohol with my friends. I had to work the next day. After I overslept, my dad woke me up and told me to get ready for work. He DROVE me to work and dropped me off. I was stuck there all day, with a hangover. I will never forget it.

Recently I was with one of my friends from high school. Her son did the same thing. The only difference is she let him sleep in and take the day off. Guess what? He slept all day and went out drinking again that night with his friends. I worry about his future.

I have passed my work ethic down to my son who is now in college and working 2 jobs. I am not worried about him.

Thanks for all you do!


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