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Letters From Listeners

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hi Dr. Laura,

Is it just me noticing this or is this the sad new norm:  Mothers deliberately ignoring their children whilst selfishly too busy on their cell phones while shopping etc to pay attention to their children...

If I was a child again, I could NOT imagine my mother too pre-occupied being busy on the phone ignoring me while out shopping... What must children of these parents be growing up thinking???

Clearly it is telling children they are NOT important enough for parents to focus on them, to do their job raising and teaching by example HEALTHY behavior!  No wonder children grow up not being potty trained or having any manners - parents are too busy being selfish and lazy to guide their offspring into contributing members of society.

How sad to witness parents on cell phones ignoring the glorious moments they should be cherishing with their children...

Love & respect your advice Dr. Laura- Keep the tractor going…



Tags: Internet-Media, Mothers on cell phones, Parenting, Read On-Air, Stay-at-Home Mom
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