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Letters From Listeners

Career Choices for Me and My Spouse

Dr. Laura,

Yes, I chose my career with my future in mind! I had an elementary school teaching degree and I chose that not only because I love children in general, but I also knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mother some day and IF I had to work when they started school I could be there for them when they got home, and maybe even at the same school.

On one of our first dates my husband and I discussed having children and that I would be a stay-at-home mom. For him, that was motivation enough to succeed to the point where we would be able to live on his income.

As far as moving, we did get transferred 3 times. I trusted my husband knowing he would not take a job somewhere I'd be miserable. Each city we lived in had at least one family member to baby-sit, have over for holidays, birthdays and so on...

I saw my "job" as his helpmate wherever we went. I found part-time teaching jobs when I could after our children were born. In my opinion, choosing a good spouse who values you and future children is more important than following careers that sacrifice either of the latter. I did that and have raised three great kids, one of whom is expecting my first grandchild! They are already living the values we taught them by example and it was worth the choices we made.

Thanks for standing up for "doing the right thing!"


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