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Letters From Listeners

Changing Gears, After Children

Dear Dr. Laura,

Now that I have children, I decided that I needed to revise the definitions of some of my favorite hobbies. I just wanted to share my new and improved way of thinking.

  • Sleeping in: Sleeping until 7am
  • Being out late: Staying out past 9pm
  • Me time: Sleeping or using the bathroom...without kids
  • Fun: peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek
  • Appropriate conversation topics: Poopy diapers and vomit
  • Acceptable clothing for shopping: anything that fits
  • Housework: Clean enough to have a healthy and safe environment for my family
  • Favorite section to shop: Little girls clothes!!
  • Love: I love my husband more than I thought possible as I see him excel at fatherhood! I love my children in a way I didn't think I was cable of!



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Tags: Attitude, Humor, Parenting, Women's Point of View
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