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Letters From Listeners

Changing from Negative to Positive

My mentor is my foster mom. I lived with my foster family for just over one year when I was 15 years old, but I was stubborn and independent. I learned so much from her, like what a mom was supposed to be like.

But the one thing that stands out was on a visit to her when my marriage was still fairly new. (This was before I had heard of you Dr. Laura.) We were sitting outside chatting, the men were inside. Apparently I was complaining about my husband because she said "Don't you ever say anything nice about your husband?" Dr. Laura, I didn't even know I was complaining.  It was just standard for me to be negative about men, and to gripe about my husband. It came natural.

I took that under serious advisement and made a concerted effort to find nice things to say about him to others. I found that I started liking and loving him more. My youth had set me up to hate men.  My foster mom - my mentor - taught me that men are good. And mine is the greatest!

When I found you, it just added to my learning. I love my foster mom and dad.  They are my real family to me.


Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Change in Attitude, Compliment, Marriage, Values, Women's Point of View
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