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Email of the Day

Cherishing Quarantine

It's my birthday this week, and as I reflect on those years while in quarantine, across from me sits my husband, who is the same age.  There is so much to be upset, angry, and worried about the state of our lives right now, including not being able to see our son and his family or our daughter and her family and our five grandchildren.  But as I look at the face of the man across from me, to whom I've been married 53 years, I realize how very lucky I am.  No, I can't get my hair done or go shopping for a new outfit at my favorite store, or sit surrounded by my family to watch me blow out the candles, but I have a man by my side who still, at this age, looks at me and tells me how beautiful I am, even when I first wake up in the morning.  He is a man who still desires me as he did when we were those two young kids with raging hormones. 

With all the craziness going on right now, the comfort and love I feel when he puts his arms around me and the loving look in his eyes when he tells me I'm beautiful can never be dampened by anything, including COVID-19.  Quarantining with this man is one of the most romantic times in our lives.  I wish every woman can experience at one time in their life the way my husband makes me feel.

Tags: Attitude, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, Relationships
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