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Email of the Day

Chivalry is Dead? Not in MY House

Dear Dr. Laura,

Because your recent topic was chivalry, I knew I had to share my amazing husband with you. We started dating when he was only 22, when most men are really boys and not mature in their ways. Until him, I had not experienced chivalry in a relationship. He always came and picked me up for dates, came inside and spoke to my parents with respect, opened my car door (and still does), pulled out my chair at restaurants, walks on the outside of the sidewalk, and so on. He respectfully asked my dad for my hand in marriage, and continues to be chivalrous to this day. When I get home from work, he greets me at the door if he is already home, takes my purse and all my belongings, so I don't have to be burdened. He is ALWAYS doing things to make my life easier.

I attribute this to his dad, who is a very manly man, who taught him to work hard, be a good person, and really know how to be a man (work on cars, shoot guns, treat people with respect, be able to defend himself and his family).

We listen to you together regularly, and you encourage me to be a sweet, loving wife, and ALLOW my man to be chivalrous. Men and women are not equal and gender lines get blurred because of the feminist world we live in.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and encouraging me to be a wife who allows her husband to be a real man and not emasculate him. Chivalry may be dead elsewhere, but not in my house.


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