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Letters From Listeners

Cruise Liner Off-Duty Captain: 'Don't Call Me A Hero'

Everyone's heard about the liner that ran aground and killed many people while the ship's captain "fell" into a lifeboat. The off-duty captain who was forced to head the evacuation said this:

Roberto Bosio, 44, the captain of one of the Concordia's sister ships, the Serena, said: "Only a disgraceful man would have left all those passengers on board. It was the most horrible experience of my life, a tragedy, a heartache that I will carry with me forever." He added: "I just want to rest and forget. Don't call me a hero. I just did my duty, the duty of a sea captain - actually the duty of a normal man." 

Read the entire news article.

It reminded me about the comparisons you've made between heroes and role models. This guy is both!


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