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Email of the Day

DNA Doesn't Mean Much

Dear Dr. Laura:

After four years of infertility, my husband and I got pregnant with our little girl, Sophie.  In 2000, Sophie died inside of me moments before I gave birth.  We held, loved and buried our wondrous girl.  And then in 2001, we had an opportunity to adopt some embryos that were scheduled for destruction.  They had been frozen for 11 years, and at the time, were the oldest frozen embryos to be implanted.  

My brother and sister are adopted, so to me, "bloodline" means nothing.  So we went through the implantation of four embryos, two of which took.  I got pregnant with twins and gave birth to two healthy, gorgeous babies.  They became the oldest frozen embryos to result in a live birth.  So, not only are they miracles, but they know their miraculous story and enjoy telling others how they were frozen for 11 years.  They are about to turn 16.

I've noticed a spattering of calls to your show lately from people who have lots of reasons why they don't want to adopt.  I hope that hearing my story, they may realize that your child is your child no matter whose DNA rushes through their veins.


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