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Letters From Listeners

Dad Coached with Integrity and Sportsmanship

Hi Dr Laura!

First let me say my family and I LOVE you! Well, they have no choice because when my kids were growing up and I was driving them to dance and basketball after school I was tuned in to 640AM on our car radio! THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLE DAYS! To this day, my husband and several friends often refer to me as Dr Laurie...some poke fun, but I ALWAYS take it as a compliment when we are discussing "life" and sorts!

I grew up as the daughter of a high school basketball coach back when high school sports were coached with integrity and sportsmanship more than they are today. My dad was a great coach who was an encourager and coached with class. He was highly influenced by the great late Coach John Wooden...need I say more!

When I was in high school I was one of the scorekeepers for my dad's varsity basketball team. One game was highly intense and the opposing team did not like or agree with the officiating and started throwing pennies onto the basketball court. It was a close game and emotions in the stands were on the edge of going crazy. The tension was thick to say the least. While the other coach was getting heated and out of control, my dad stayed calm. The announcer of the game was worried and I could sense it on his face. He told me I should be so proud of my dad....I remember watching my dad and how in control he was.  And even though I'm sure he was angry on the inside, he never once yelled at the referees or any of the players. As a teenager, I just remember thinking how strong my dad seemed to me at that moment. He didn't react to emotions and stayed calm as a leader. He was an example to his young players and to the fans in the stands. To this day when I am in compromising situations I often think of my dad and his strength to play fair and honest and always show respect even when as Dr Laura says "you don't FEEL like it".

Happy Father's Day, Dr Laura and thank you for your influence on all of us mothers and especially fathers! We appreciate all you do for the family!



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