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Letters From Listeners

Dads Matter to Kids

Dr. Laura;

I have many favorite photos of my children, but if I had to choose it's the first day of school with their backpacks on their backs being walked to school by their dad. Each year, I stand behind them and snap the photo. My boys walk so proudly as if they are thinking "I'm a big boy now."

My other photo I often take is, once again, with my two boys and their dad walking on the beach with their pants rolled up (they hold them up anyway). These are just really good family moments.

Now that you have me thinking about the why...I guess it's because I never had moments like this with my dad. It's nice knowing I can give them to my kids.
What a great feeling! Thanks Dr. Laura.


Tags: Dads, Memories, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Raising children, Relationships
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